100kg scares me

I recently jumped on the scales and the number that came up was 100. That snapped something in me, that scared me. So here I am - trying this for real.

This Tumblr is going to make me accountable, inspire me and hopefully inspire you too. I want to live a healthy life and this is where I'm starting.

Doing this for real over NZ summer. I'll be a babe come March!

167cm | HW 100.4kg | CW: 100.4kg | GW: 65kg


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Behind Progress Shot

5’5 1/2

HW: 206

SW: 200

Cw: 175?

GW: 150

I haven’t weighed myself since the middle of December so I am not exactly sure of my current weight. I was 175 at that time & I believe I am around the same now. I haven’t been super on point with my diet & I am in dire need of motivation & a kick in the butt!

The first photo is from the beginning of September & the second photo is from last night before I did my first workout in months. My weight loss so far has been from strictly healthy eating. Now I MUST start exercising. Started a 30 day squat challenge yesterday. Will report back after it is completed.

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I’m back

And my god have I fallen off the wagon. Summer was a disaster but I’ve recently got my life on track and am getting into a routine with food and exersice :) But I’ve got a question… I can run so well when I’m stoned. Sober, terrible. Stoned, brilliant. But will I still burn the same calories and the exersize will still be working right?

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Also living at my uncles for a week and he has fresh raspberries in the garden


hoooowe my gawd

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